Thursday, 1 December 2016

A reflection of Jakobstad, Finland

"A reflection of Jakobstad" is my new project in my new hometown. 

It  is my way of settling by looking at it all from a very different angle. 
 In the mean time I hope to make the local people re-discover the town they live in and inspire them by photographing the true beauty of Jakobstad, a city in Western Finland.

A project in progress!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thursday, 7 January 2016

For more information on our personal project "Sisters of Craft" please check the following link:

In the mean time we have applied for a new scholarship  in the hope to get some more funding and to continue our amazing project this year.

Dieter and Minna

Monday, 4 January 2016

"The innocence of Mambo"

This story, "the innocence of Mambo", is all about the kids of the very remote village of Mambo, high in the Usambara mountains of Tanzania.

When exploring this unique village on foot, I was surprised to not only witness some extreme living conditions, but also to witness the fact that all I could see was kids.  Kids playing and working really hard for the basic needs of life.

All I could think of was myself as a kid and the pure innocence that belongs to being a kid.  And also these kids, one by one are still so innocent, but one by one they had a very strong story to tell.

So this story is in honour of the true innocent kids of Mambo that roam these unforgiving landscape of the Usambara mountains. And the kids that touched my heart while I visited the village for a week.

(photo featured in the "Photographers without Borders' Magazine)

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Every puddle tells a story

With today’s society travelling at a much faster pace,
 I have been looking for a way to live true to myself.  
Having permanently left Belgium for the wide-open spaces of Australia, 
for about 6 years I photographed my newly adopted home.

After relocating from Darwin to Melbourne, chasing my dream of photography, 
I found that the act of photographing allowed me to escape the fast moving pace of city life.  
Instead of going along with the crowds, I began looking downwards in a dreamlike gaze, 
following my feet, while the street surface disappeared beneath me.
On wet days I started to see a part of Melbourne reflected in puddles on the pavement.  
I found beauty in this inverted vision of Melbourne, because I saw what other people had missed.

Every puddle tells a story is my journey towards slowing down, seeing with a new eye.  
By capturing the iconic structures of Melbourne reflected in puddles, 
I hope to take the viewer on a journey of self-reflection and re-discover the city they call home.

Dieter Berghmans